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Are You Smart?

One has only to visit the web to realise how many information systems and software tools are available. It is no wonder that many people get confused over IT and get overwhelmed with what to much information. But if one had to step back and ask why do we need them in the first place and how can business owners not be overwhelmed by all the technicalities?



Information Systems are there to give a structure to your company. Like a house needs a foundation to be built on, so does a company’s operation. Operations relies heavily on having the right information organised so that it is ready when needed.


Technology helps in precisely measuring performance. Even if a company is not looking for growth, knowing how successful one is at managing operations is a vital aspect to the survival of the business. Analysing and understanding your business ensures you remain profitable and give a good service to your customers. Only through having systems that record data and measure analysis could one aspire to stay in business.


Whether you are self-employed or a global conglomerate, tasks can only be undertaken by employees. Assigning responsibilities depends on what an employee is capable of doing and his availability at the time. Sharing information and being able to easily assign responsibility allows the smooth running of operations.


When setting targets, knowing what is achievable helps. When setting targets, people have a tendency to either aim too low or too high. Having information that can classify what is achievable for the business can help a long way in planning for future growth.


Time is the most expensive commodity. Timeliness relates to being able to deliver a service when the customer wants it and in the way the customer needs it. When handling large of products, information and its organisation becomes essential when it comes to delivering on time.

Information is the life force that drives any business. The difference between successful organisations and unsuccessful ones can be traced to the company’s ability to analyse the way they do business and learn to adapt strategies that helps their business growth.

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