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Dummies Guide to Vehicle Tracking

Most people have heard about vehicle tracking and its benefits. Some seem to think of it as just about sticking a box into your car or truck to tell you where the vehicle is. Businesses with one or more vehicles have long adapted vehicle tracking but the individual driver in the street hasn’t. In this article we look at what Vehicle Tracking is from the eyes of the different people who use it.

Know Where?


Meet Yvette: A Working Mother

“At first I thought that tracking my personal car to be money wasted until my car was stolen. We tracked it down in minutes and the Police acted immediately. From then on I started to feel safer wherever I go and what I thought to be a worthless gismo is today giving me peace of mind.”

Know How?

Meet Charlie: A Grocer Store Owner

“I opted to equip my four commercial vehicles with vehicle tracking as I found the new monthly schemes very affordable. At first it was like a new toy for us but after a while we started noting that at certain periods of the day we took longer to deliver. By making slight changes we delivered faster and saved our drivers from being stuck in traffic.”


Know What?


Meet Ivan: A Logistics Operations Manager

“Practically we have been using vehicle tracking since the day we opened. We feel that vehicle tracking is an essential part of our fleet management where we instantly know where our trucks are, how much fuel they consume and have information to meet the delivery schedules. With it, we ensure customer satisfaction as well as achieve substantial cost savingson our operational costs.”


First and foremost vehicle tracking is only needed if you have a vehicle (even a dummy knows that). There are benefits to be had for personal car drivers to the largest trucking corporations. For the driver such technology gives peace of mind whereas for the savvy businessman it help in managing cost, time and operational efficiencies.

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