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RFID: An Intro

RFID is an automatic identification technology ― like a upgraded barcode. A barcode relies on a visual scan to transmit data, but RFID relies on radio waves and doesn’t need a line-of-sight to read data. In place of a barcode, you have an RFID tag or “transponder,” read by a hand-held reader, door-mounted reader, or some other configuration. 

You might not have heard of radio frequency identification, or RFID, but you probably encounter it every day.  And it could be a valuable tool for your business. Many large companies and organizations have adapted RFID to business applications, such as supply chain logistics.

Many of our business cases are built by eliminating manual scanning, error proofing processes, and eliminating the non-value added labour associated with correcting errors such as expediting, searching, cycle counting, and reconciliation.

The U.S. Department of Defense, Wal-Mart and other large organisations, along with some other retailers, now require that their suppliers tag shipments with RFID so that the data can be automatically recorded when goods arrive. But because many of the companies that supply the DoD and the retail chains are small and mid-sized businesses, and because RFID has more business uses, RFID is a technology tool with which businesses of all sizes may need to become familiar.

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