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RFID: In Small Businesses

In addition to the requirements from bigger companies, some small businesses want to use RFID because the technology can help them solve business problems. RFID makes companies of all sizes more efficient by helping them track their inventory and equipment. These efficiencies most commonly come in the form of less labour and better accuracy.

Some of the challenges that RFID can help businesses address include the following:

  • Improved IT asset utilization by tracking servers, notebooks, or lab equipment.
  • Improved document management by tracking the location, status, and chain of custody of legal documents.
  • Rental and “check-out” situations, such as tools or at an equipment rental outlet.
  • Reducing inventory by providing an accurate picture of existing inventory and eliminating the need for over-ordering “backup inventory.”
  • Improved inventory accuracy reduces the non value add labor required to cycle count to find and verify where certain items are.
  • Eliminating repetitive data entry, such as situations in which shipments are tracked by hand on a clipboard only to be entered later into a computer database.
  • Keeping tabs on high-value assets or products, for example, calibration equipment, construction tools, or medical devices.
  • Tracking high-turnover products, like clothing in racks, hundreds of books at a bookstore, or tires on a rack.
  • Tracking consigned inventory like eyeglasses at a doctor’s office.
  • Identifying and tracking returnable bins, racks, and containers like plastic totes, beer kegs, or gas cylinders at a medical supply house.
  • And finally, in meeting customer mandates.

RFID can help companies manage many elements of their business that is not managed by their IT systems today, such as parts, tools, returnable containers, vehicles, and so on. It can also help small manufacturers customize product for individual customers.

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