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Myth: Small Businesses Don’t Need Information Systems

So you manage a small business and you’re trying to make ends meet. Someone tells you to about the benefits of Information Systems and you jump to the conclusion that because your business is small you don’t need that stuff. What if I told you that you need an Information System more than you need to brush your teeth?

Start-Up Operations

The first months of starting a new business is totally about getting the first few clients. Yet with the oddities of setting up the company, registrations and other administrative garbage, it takes you a long time to sit down and start working. With Start Ups there is so much to do and very little time. With so many things to handle, the small business owner gets tangled in the small tasks and does not subcontract because cash is low. So what does he do? He does everything himself.

DIY: Saving or Wasting Money.

Doing it yourself does not always mean that you save time or money. How many times have we looked for a paper or a file on the computer and could not find it. If you had to add all those seconds (if not minutes and hours) how much time would you have wasted? If you get stuck with such simple chores, imagine how much time you waste in the larger aspects of your business.

When you do it yourself you are responsible for everything. Managing your business is perhaps one of the most fulfilling jobs but it is also one of the most stressful. In your small business you’re involved in everything from sales to marketing to product development to administration (have I missed something?).

Be Organised

Unless you are organised you will lose track. Organisation helps you do more with less effort and time. Your business will need you to keep information related to Payroll, Customer Information, Event Dates, Accounts and so much more. Apart from having that information, it is imperative that it is always at hand.

Information Systems keeps you on track, focused and moving. Information systems have the ability to bring information together in order to help you manage better. It is good to know that with technologies such as cloud computing and web-based applications you can access everything on the internet.

IS For You

Whatever kind of business you are in, information will always be present. An Information system is nothing more than software that helps you track you business life and operations. It helps you track your sales, your personnel, your vehicles and your operations to save you time and money.

Ask yourself this question, are you spending your time and money running around catching information or will you have it in the palms of your hand? Will you focus on business generation or getting lost amongst all the petty chores?

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