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Telematics In The Near Future

Telematics is bound to change the way driving takes place on our roads. As telematics technology progresses, implementation will not be solely related to large fleets but also to the general driving community. The main argument is that by gathering information about one’s driving patterns and behaviours, one can correct errors and drive safer.

The Insurers

Insurance companies are prepared to employ such technologies to have better information on their drivers. Young drivers, for instance, are statistically the highest accident bracket on the roads of most countries. Insurance companies are aching to be able to monitor driving performance, speed, braking, cornering and more variables. This information will be used either to regulate drivers or to educate them.

The Fleet Management

Fleet management is where telematics has provided the greatest savings and operational efficiencies. Telematics has truly helped companies save millions in cost and time. When fleet management companies integrate telematics in all aspects of the operations, then the benefits will be immense. In this way a fleet management system would evolve into a fully fledged business intelligence and operation management information systems.

Emergency Breakdown And Roadside Assistance

In the case of accidents and emergencies, having detailed real time information about one’s vehicle enables faster responses to breakdowns. Toyota and GM are already starting to fight over the provision of such systems where real time alerting, stolen vehicle alerting and automatic collision notifications are part of the functionalities they offer.

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