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POS – What is it?

What is a Point of Sale Systems (POS)? The Point of sale (POS) is the place where a retail transaction is completed. It is the point at which a customer makes a payment to the merchant; in exchange for goods or services. At the point of sale the retailer would calculate the amount owed by the customer and provide options for the customer to make payment. The merchant also issues a receipt for the transaction.

POS: Where business meets customer.

A POS allows a business to identify which products are selling well and which products are making profit. With this knowledge, a merchant can: focus his business on more profitable products, lower his stale inventory, identify trends in sales, prepare for peak periods and so much more. A key benefit of the POS system is that sales information is automatically collected and stored for future use in decision making.

The merchant is no longer keeping mental track of everything. He is no longer required to go over volumes of purchase orders and delivery notes to take the right decisions. The business is no longer overstocking or under stocking. The POS system does all the hard work automatically. It collects and stores the information and presents it just when it is required. The business is now making better use of the information that it gathers. The information is now very very accurate and the business is now in control of stock, suppliers and customers. It is delivering a better service and surely it is generating a better profit.

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