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Forget the Software: Why Fleet Management?

With Fleet Management Software now becoming widely available, the question becomes: ‘Why on Earth should I buy from you guys than from any other?’ Perhaps this is the root question of what business is really about. Our Fleet Management System is not just a piece of software but it is about us helping you to earn and/or save money from your fleet.

Traditional Benefit

Management of anything allows control over certain resources in order to free others. Control of resources allows for the reduction of waste and abuses which if not under check can cause a company to lose track. On the other hand those same resources can be used to grow the business.

Your fleet cannot stay in the garage, so it is not always under your direct supervision. Especially if you are a company where you want your fleet constantly moving your worst enemy becomes idle time and waste of time.

Beyond Management

A fleet management systems goes beyond, it gives you information. Most people seem to underestimate information and are only concerned with the control aspects of software. Learning makes people grow and businesses flourish.

Your fleet is like a mini-organisation in its own right. If you believe that administration is a necessity, than so is the administration of your fleet. But administration is not about keeping records for the government but rather a source of wealth on which you can grow your business.

Data to information to knowledge to value to sales. Once you increase the value of your offering through knowledge learnt you can offer higher offerings and tackling more markets which leads to making more sales.

Beyond Software & Solutions

Our approach is the business intelligence approach. For us learning whether the driving is taking too many coffees is not the best value a fleet manager can get from these systems. For us learning how best effectively use the fleet to maximise distribution is what is essential.

You want to make money and we help you increase the likelihood of that happening. All businesses are about serving customers at a profit and managing your fleet is not just about how efficient your fleet affects your profit. If your main business is the fleet, then being more effective and of value to the customer will pave the way for more revenues and sales.

Through your fleet you are either mobilising your business or growing it. Either way we understand that collecting information and using it wisely allows you to be more efficient, effective and generate more business. That is why our Business Intelligence approach helps you achieve just that. The reason companies buy from Lornit is because we use technologies to help you improve your business profits and not the other way around.

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