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Email Service

Nowadays gmail is the benchmark for email services. Gmail works on pcs, macs, iphones, androids, you name it. Other email options are now outdated, unless there is a specific scenario that requires a particular email setup or another. Our Email Service is based on gmail, but we can handle customisations or specific setups based on other vendor’s tools.

Email Service


  • Best email service available for personal and business use.
  • Company email based on any domain required (e.g.
  • Migration of email and contacts to new email service.
  • Onsite configuration of email on pcs and mobile devices.
  • Remote support for additional email address, password resets and other support requirements.
  • Ability to provide group email that reach more than one person at a timeĀ (e.g.
  • Accessibility from any computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.
  • Mobile devices supported include: iphone, android, blackberry and windows.
  • IMAP / SMTP / POP3 as supported by all popular email clients.
  • Email access via browser (e.g.
  • Anti-virus and anti-spam filtering on all incoming and outgoing email.
  • Includes forwarding service with catch-all accounts.
  • practically unlimited disk quota.
  • Easy spam reporting.
  • Import contacts from Outlook, Apple Mail, vCards, CSV files.
  • Email Client support different languages.
  • Backups and search facilities.
There’s no better Email Service than this!


We tailor our service to the specific needs of our clients. Give us a call or send us an email and we will get back to you with a solution that is tailored to your requirements.