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HCareInfo – Health Care Information System

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Higher Quality Service

HCareInfo features such as medical assessment reports, health services databases, full medical history, and biometric patient recognition help physicians prescribe the correct treatments, medications and follow up, at any location.

Distributed Patient Information

Patients can go to any branch and get the same high quality service every time with HCareInfo. HCareInfo links all the data of all the health Care locations, ensuring that you have the latest patient information at hand all the time.

Upgrade Productivity

Physicians and staff at health care establishments can focus on patient care while HCareInfo reduces clutter and redundant tasks; automates time consuming work; and virtually eliminates paperwork. You’ll enjoy the many benefits of modernizing your facility including; lab results, prescriptions, scheduling and more.

More Time for Patients

With HCareInfo running in the background, physicians and support teams will spend less time chasing paperwork and files, ultimately providing more face time with patients. HCareInfo enables physicians to complete and document patient visits more quickly, further increasing their ability to see more patients and increase revenue.

ROI Guarantee

HCareInfo understands your goals as they relate to increased revenue, lower administrative costs, and improved the quality of health care. The time spent managing manual processes and the direct costs of administration is drastically reduced ensuring lower costs, better quality of service and increased throughput which means better profitability.

Meaningful Use

With today’s improvements in technology and higher expectations of patients you can’t afford not to make the jump from paper-based old-fashioned record keeping to digital systems that benefit you and your patients. Now is the time to bring everything online with HCareInfo. We can help you throughout the entire system lifecycle to ensure that your establishment gets maximum benefit from your investment.


Lornit’s approach towards health care management systems is to deliver high end technology and to customise thoroughly according to each and every health care setup.

High-end technology

Today’s technology can facilitate the running of hospitals and hospital services drastically. Some of this technology is already in use in other industries such as RFID technology in retail outlets or smart phone apps in Job dispatch. We aim to import this kind of technology to health care and listed below is some of our progress on such technologies.


We use this technology to facilitate the identification of the patient and the retrieval of his or her digital medical file also referred to as Electronic Health Record EHR. On registering for the first time at any branch, the receptionist enters the information of the patient into the system and then scans the fingerprints of the patient such that the finger prints can identify the person whole data is in that electronic record. When the patient then goes to the physician’s room for diagnosis or treatment he will be asked to scan any of his fingers again and his medical file will the retrieved from the database and made available to the physician. This ensures that not only identity mistakes are virtually eliminated but also it means that the doctor is not searching anymore for the information. All the information is presented right away, leaving more time to work with the patient.


This technology has been around for quite some time now. Using this technology we can speed up and automate the processes and paperwork related to the transfer of goods within the health care establishments. By placing a sticker on the main stock items in use at the hospital, when a stock item moves from the store to the operating theatre (example) the system can detect and record the stock transfer right away. This again virtually eliminates all processes required to move the stock around.

This technology can also be used to track patients within the internal rooms of the health care facility. In such a scenario each patient is given a tag on entry into the hospital and through that tag the hospital administration would know were the patients are in case of emergencies or rule enforcements.


We are currently exploring the potential use of Kinect technology in the health care environment. We have access to research done at University of Malta and Malta College for Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST). This technology could be the next big thing in health care.

Smart Phones

HCareInfo is smart phone ready. Our technology supports smart phone apps by design.

Fleet Management

For an end to end health care at government level, the HCareInfo provides Ambulance and Emergency Fleet Management. Call Centre receives a call from a person over the phone, identifies the position or address using GIS technology and the nearest ambulances are dispatched to answer the call.

Customer Care

HCareInfo also comes with support for customer care. Customer care features provide health care establishments with performance tracking, logging of actions and problem resolution support tailored to the particular environment they work in.



Today’s enterprise systems have to connect the organisation with its customers. HCareInfo is able to generate automated communication with patients, doctors and staff to ensure everyone is kept in the loop. Notifications can be effected through the application itself, via email or via sms.


Custom Enterprise Solutions

At Lornit we provide custom solutions using our software platform. HCareInfo is a highly adaptable and customisable solution that will fit in any Health Care environment be it private clinics to government operated hospital network across a region.

Electronic Health Record

The main focus of the system is about the Electronic Health Record which is also referred to as the digital patient information file. The key function of HCareInfo is to store and present such Electronic Health Records when and where they are required. This required HCareInfo to interface with other systems if need be and to adapt to the information that every establishment chooses to gather and keep about the patient.

Who is paying for Health Care?

The billing mechanism for health care services also various from one setup to another. While some hospitals offer free health care services in some countries, private hospitals or clinics tend to focus on payments via insurances with all the complexity that that can bring into the health care equation. HCareInfo is customised to fit in with the policies and procedures of the hospital or clinic where the system is setup.


Health care establishments adopt different workflows (procedures) that are mostly based on the type of service that they offer. A hospital would typically accept patients at the emergency service department or at the outpatients departments. Clinics on the other hand tend to focus more on appointment based services, where a person phones weeks or days in advance for an appointment of a series of treatments. HCareInfo adapts to these different scenarios.

Digitising existing information

New health Care establishments would have the benefit of starting the data collection process from scratch, but most health care establishment have huge volumes of data that needs to be ported. HCareInfo comes with eth migration and digitisation support required to tailor the system to the hospitals need.