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Internet Presence – Business Website

A website is the most common form of internet presence enjoyed by businesses and organisations world wide. A website is primarily an online profile of the business or organisation and nowadays people have become accustomed to look at the website as part of their research before they actually make substantial purchases or go into service agreements. Not having a website is a serious handicap.

Besides a website nowadays consumers expect a business to have their own email setup. Email accounts such as, or do not give a professional look.

Is your business online?

Business Website – Benefits

The benefits of having a basic website, besides meeting today’s expectations include:

  1. The ability to publish information on your products and services, and have such information available at any time, anywhere in the world.
  2. You can be contacted by potential customers who wish to  purchase or enquire about your products and services and such communication will not limited to the working hours of the business.
  3. Potential customers can now look you up from your business card. If a person is interested in your business but there wasn’t enough time for you to give out all the information, just by locating the business website from the business card that person can get all the information on his own at his own leisure.
  4. The ability to filter out casual visitors who are not yet prepared to make a purchase. Every business receives an amount of enquires from persons who are just seeking information. Providing that information on a website will enable such visitors to get what they need without having to disrupt you. Should that person get more interested a website can also redirect that person to you or your business.
  5. An internet presence through a website  can offer a level playing field to small businesses facing tough competition. This is because space on the internet is way cheaper then physical space in prime areas that typically are more affordable to larger businesses. A website is much cheaper to renovate, design and manage and so within reach of every business, unlike physical prime retail sites. A website also gives you more liberty at publishing and promoting your views.
  6. Marketing is cheaper on the internet rather then through printed materials. Web based material costs much less than printouts and is very easily updated to reflect changes.

Advanced Business Website

A basic website is an online portfolio of a business but much more can be achieved through a website. A list of typical advanced functionality, though not exhaustive  is provided here:


Engage with the consumers of your products and services. Your business website can allow your customers to comment or ask questions that you can answer in such a way that other customers can see. This is proven to generate more interest and more information, unless you are unable to provide a good service of course.


Some businesses can sell their products or services with minimal contact with their customers, in which case E-Commerce functionality can be provided right from the website. An e-commerce website caters for online payments, product list, capture of delivery information and anything else that is required to conclude a sale from the website.


Some businesses can engage a number of followers through the use of a blog, which is basically a platform through which experts within the business can share insights on their area of expertise and therefore publicise their prowess on the topic and attract customers. A business website is a great platform for hosting a blog.

Interface with Other Applications

Efficiency oriented business look at interfacing with their business website for efficiency benefits and more. A business typically manages offline information that would benefit customers should that information be made online. For example a restaurant may want to link the menu available in digital formats to the restaurant website and therefore keep website updated with the latest version of the menu. Thus providing more detailed information to its patrons and therefore encourage more familiarity with the business, even before they arrive at the establishment.

Our Services

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At Lornit we help our customers to set up their online presence. We do our best to deliver a tailored approach because we believe that every business and every individual is unique, with specific needs and specific way of doing things.

In simple terms we follow this process with our clients:
  • Analysis of the internet presence required.
  • Propose an Internet Marketing Strategy complete with costs and effort required.
  • Implement the sub-projects selected by the client.
  • monitor our progress and report results back to the client regularly
In more detail our services include the following:

Consultation Session – Complementary

Act now! Get your complimentary consultancy session so that you can discuss how you can improve your internet presence with one of our consultants.


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