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SEO Copywriting

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is all about making your site discoverable through the search engines. Whether you are new to SEO techniques, or a seasoned pro, it can still be difficult to create content on your site to drive traffic through the search engines. The activity of creating such content is known as SEO copywriting within the SEO industry.

What techniques should you use? Which are the rules to follow? It can be very confusing.

In reality, there are no specific rules or techniques to follow to create a good copywriting piece. There are guidelines and insights available but search engines (google, bing, yahoo etc..) have ever changing ranking algorithms that adapt as best as they can to mimick human logic in separating the wheat from the chaff. That makes it difficult even for their employees to understand and come up with specific rules and techniques.

The best way to tackle SEO copywriting is through experience and knowledge gained over time as to what works and what doesn’t. To get started one has to understand a little bit of how people think and how the machines “think” as well and balance the content accordingly. The result should be content that people can read easily and understand. But it should also contain material that search engines can pickup.

The following are a few simple methods you could employ to get you started on your SEO copywriting:

Using keywords.

Search engines index for keywords (keywords:the phrases people use to look for something). Search engines return sites that contain the keywords that people use on their search. So placing the right keywords on your content is a good start.

Keyword density of around 2%. 

Search engines need keywords, and mentioning the same keywords more than once, would help them associate your content with the keyword. However one must not over do it. Search engines have now learned that people can “keyword stuff” the site in an attempt to gain higher ranking and they penalise such behaviour. The right balance is key.

Create content that is informative and interesting

. Content that is created for machines will not lock your visitors in for more than a couple of seconds and search engines have a way of knowing that. On the other hand once a human is reading your content and spends time reading or browsing, search engines pick that as a sign that your content is good from a human perspective too. So do proper research on a subject and make your content worth reading.

SEO copywriting is an adaptive process that has to update itself continuously to match search engine technology. Your best bet is to create content for humans first and foremost. That may sound simplistic but in reality search engines are continuously adapting to better mimic human logic. If you copywrite for humans, search engine technology is moving towards you.

If SEO copywriting is what you need or if you’re not yet sure do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation session.

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