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Product Launch: POS Malta


Accountant using POS Malta


Lornit has just launched POS Malta – a point of sale system designed for the small to medium businesses in Malta. Lornit has been supplying the retail industry with specific software tools since 2010. Now the company decided to put in all the expertise, know how and its extensive software library into one single product that can be deployed within minutes, is very easy to use and also benefits from the cloud based technology developed by Lornit.

POS Malta – was the name chosen for this product as it aims to cater for Maltese specific fiscal and reporting requirements.

Small Business: 5 Tips to improve your business


Set Goals

A sense of direction is essential part of staying in business. Understand your limits, set clear objectives and work hard to achieve them. Luck by itself won’t keep you in business for long, a good sense of direction and the energy to set and follow objectives will.

Keep Track

When you’re running a small business, you are most likely to be doing many things by yourself. Keeping track of the different tasks that need to be done can be a pain. It’s too easy to end up doing the tasks you enjoy rather than the tasks that are required. Spend some time every day looking at the numbers; resolve to do more time on the tasks that pay more, and to do less time on the tasks that pay less or none at all.

Motivate Staff

People want to be part of something bigger, let them be. Match the job to the person’s passion, reward appropriately, recognise success and encourage personal growth.

Understand your Limits

Saying no can be as profitable as saying yes. Get the right person or company to do the right task. Don’t do things you’re not good at so that you have time for things that you’re good at.

Think ahead

Small Business Owner with BlackboardEverything changes. Events and changes in the world around us can impact your daily operations. Keep up with change, keep on learning, keep up to date and monitor trends. Know what to expect.

Lornit.FMS – Fleet Management Software

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” – Peter Drucker, Management Guru

When it comes to fleet management, there are a number of things that organisations need to keep track of. From the operating costs associated with each vehicle to how often individual cars are used and the environmental performance of your fleet, it can be easy to get bogged down or fall behind if you are managing your fleet manually.

This is where customised software from Lornit can take the hassle out of fleet management. Our dedicated fleet management software can give you instant access to the details you need to make informed decisions about your fleet – cutting costs and helping you work as efficiently as possible.

We can help you reduce costs.

Whether you are keen to manage your overall operating costs more effectively, keep tighter tabs on your fleet expenditure, reduce your carbon footprint or monitor the fuel efficiency of your fleet and your drivers, Lornit’s FMS can get you the information you need instantly.

With the capability to store a vast amount of knowledge; geographical positions, journey information, fuel and vehicle expenses, mileage, driver behavior readings, we provide you with all the real-time information you need to manage your fleet effectively.

When it comes to fuel efficiency, Lornit.FMS can help you track and monitor your fuel consumption in a variety of ways. Our system can identify excess fuel consumption, fuel theft, over-charging or excess filling, so that action can be taken if necessary.

Lornit.FMS, calculates the specific costs associated with running each vehicle in your fleet, right down to the euros you spend every month and the cents per kilometre. It also keeps track of your ongoing costs such as; registration, fuel use, servicing and maintenance, as well as the price of your vehicle and its estimated resale value at the end of your ownership period. With this knowledge you can evaluate which of your vehicles are most efficient and identify areas where further cost improvements can be made.

Why Lornit?

Lornit is a leading provider of fleet management solutions, Lornit’s unique software service allows you to manage your company vehicles efficiently and in a cost effective manner. Best of all, our customisable solutions can be modified to meet any specific requirements you may have. Contact Lornit today and find out how our fleet management program can support your organisation.

Level up


Is it that time of the year already?


Father Christmas - Special Offer

Vehicle Tracking – we’re giving away our services!

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Make your vehicle tell you when something is wrong, and then take action from a Personal Computer (PC), Tablet and Smart Phone, iPhone or Android. Take control of your vehicles, NOW!

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Vehicle Tracking Services

For more info about our tracking services:

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Cloud Services and Jurisdiction


On 12th July BBC reported that “Microsoft helped the NSA get around its encryption systems so the agency could more easily spy on users of its services, reports suggest”. This comes at no particular surprise to those who where following developments about government’s access to private information hosted in the cloud.

What does surprise is the fact that some of Microsoft’s flagship products such as, SkyDrive and Skype have made it to the list of products that NSA had access to according to BBC.

black siuted gentleman spying on a business woman from above.For the vast majority of us we need not worry about using cloud services today, we’re not terrorists after all. What is worrying is the “trend”. If a foreign government (e.g. the US Government) can spy on private information of a person or company in a country beyond it’s jurisdiction (e.g. a Maltese company, based in Malta) for the sake of national security; what can stop such a government from spying on such data for other national interests besides national security?

What protection can the local country laws of the country that is hosting the cloud services (e.g. USA), provide to foreign entities (e.g. Maltese Companies)? Do we have to rely on tech firm’s promises to secure our data? A promise which is falling apart, one news report after the other. 


IT… to bring a complete overhaul in Healthcare.


Doctor holding a tablet showing a graph and a heart

Keeping health records on paper is not an option anymore. Not only it is a huge time waster for all the medical staff involved, it also has limited use is improving the healthcare services being provided.

Health records should be kept on an IT System that allows for distribution of the information to research and decision making centres in a reliable and efficient manner. Health Records should be the basis of decision making within the Health Care establishment. Whether to decide which medicine works best or to come up with better procedures, the data that is collected over time can be put to good use if it exists on a digital platform.

The future of Health Care, or rather if we want health care to make huge progress, we have to start sharing health records between hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, research centres etc; not the personal information of course but the anonymous records that can provide the basis for research and decision making across continents.

Please check out our IT Solution for Hospitals, Clinics and Health Care establishments.

Demand rises to meet supply


Supply and Demand

A particular interpretation of Parkinson’s Law states that: Demand rises to meet supply. This is true in many scenarios and one such scenario is the world of IT and information systems.

Many times information system providers are presented with a set of functional requirements that the client or his consultant determine as “all that the client requires”. Many times this is close to the truth except for the element of time. What is enough for today, may not be enough for tomorrow. A system defined with today’s requirements in mind is not future proof. Any consultant/analyst worth his salt would try to anticipate the functional requirements of a couple of years ahead. However the future is very hard to anticipate.

As a rule of thumb, parkinson’s law should be considered when defining the requirements of an Information System especially when the investment is going to be sizeable and for the longer term. Demand for features will rise to meet the supply of features. It’s better and more cost effective to err on the “I’ll take that” rather than on the “I’ll skip that”. If the feature is good and you can afford it, take it. Today or tomorrow the organisation will surely scale up to use the additional features if they are there. While if you don’t take it right from the start, and then a couple of years down the line, you end up needing it; it’s probable that either you won’t get it or if you get it the cost of implementing it disjointly would be higher that if you had ordered it right from the start.

But then it all depends on the software! When choosing an Information System provider always balance the functional requirements you’re getting today together with the ability to request additional features, at affordable prices, tomorrow.

More information on a scalable Information System>>


The person who fixed a problem you don’t know you have


A couple of days ago I read this on a Facebook post: “A programmer is a person who fixed a problem that you don’t know you have, in a way you don’t understand.” And it made me think.

As a programmer myself I do realise that most people don’t understand what we do, but i’ve been doing for so long that it doesn’t bother me at all. How do you explain a day’s work worth of source code (the product of the programmer) to your wife or a friend? (Unless he or she is a programmer too). Software development is very difficult to quantify, evaluate or measure for the average person. If it were construction, people could see bits and pieces being added to a building until its complete. It is comprehensible, it is visible…

… But software is different. All you see at best is a user interface, a report or a dashboard. Features that may catch your eye if you are interested but most of the work, goes unnoticed and even unappreciated. What the consumer can see is just the proverbial “tip of the iceberg”.

And it is true as well that programmers, fix problems much before “users” start using the software; actually problem solving starts even before one starts coding and it never last till support stops for that particular piece of work.

So thinking about it, a good measure of the value of a programmers’ work is the problems that you as a consumer don’t have.. which roughly translates into “how long can you use the application/product without a finding a problem?”

Fleet Management System for your business

Fleet Management Services with a difference

We offer custom fleet management software that we tailor to your exact requirements. That doesn’t mean we create a system from scratch, we have all the components that you need in place and we just configure the parts together according to:

And… it doesn’t cost a fortune, we deliver high end technology at the price that small businesses afford.
And… it doesn’t take long to get, using our rapid development platform, we set you up in days.

How it works

Act now

Call us now for a complementary consultancy session to discuss your specific requirements and how we can help you manage your fleet better. (mob: +356 9999 4203 or sykpe: sturdut)

More information on the fleet management system we offer>>