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Child Care Management System


Child Care Management System Dashboard
The Child Care Management System was created with Child Care Centers in mind. Regulation is becoming more and more demanding on child care centre owners and administrators. Paper work requirements have increased as have the requirements for monitoring and control, to ensure the child care center is constantly meeting regulation and operating parameters and still making a profit.

And it’s not just about managing administrative tasks! The child care management system is all about helping the child care center to provide a professional service to it customers. It’s all about managing the day to day tasks efficiently to leave more time for the children and parents.

Paper and SissorsParent’s expectations have risen over the years. One cannot just provide a bare minimum customer service anymore . Parents expect a professional service from centres that take care of their children. Child Care Centres have to equip themselves with the right technology that helps them manage their services professionally.

Our Child Care management system ensures our clients are on the forefront of customer servicing through the use of latest technology and the latest organisation techniques.

Features and Benefits


Rapid Deployment. The system is installed over the internet on any number of computers or laptops available.

Scalable. The system is scalable to meet the demands of any Child Care management team. Logins can be added or removed as required.

Tried and tested. The system uses a tried and tested software platform and so ensures usability, effectiveness and efficiency.

Customisability. The system is upgradeable and customisable to cater for all particular requirements and more. We entertain additional/specific requirements.

Children's Letters and Numbers

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Overview of all the information required to run a child care centre in a quick and easy to understand dashboard that helps prioritise actions and track progress.

Payments & Receipts

Automate the administrative side of the child care centre with printable invoices, receipts, statements and reports. Be professional!

Enrollment System

Toy ball inside ballComprehensive details of each child at your fingertips: Basic details, parent information, medical records, eating requirements, emergency instructions, timesheet, advance booking, administration of medication requirements, and much more… Be in control!

Carer System

Manage your team of carers flexibly, efficiently and effectively through the Carers System.

Child Development System

ringsThis ensure you not only organise the child development effort with your team of carers but also manage each and very child’s development needs, progress and achievement and last but least report such progress to the child’s parents.

Support for Documents

Full support for Documents related to children, carers and the centre. Lower dependence on paper! Please check out our document control system for more information.



Lornit.BI Platform

The Child Care Management System is based on the Lornit.BI Platform. The business intelligence platform provides small and medium businesses with the high level technology that is normally associated with large enterprises. This technology allows us to deliver the Child Care management System in an affordable, cloud based solution to Child Care Centers.


The Child Care Management System comes with remote support and maintenance. All that you will require.


The Child Care Management System is customised to the exact requirement of your Centre. All through our normal support channels, at your convenience.


The Child Care Management System picks up software updates and upgrades dynamically, to ensure you’re always up to date.


The Child Care Management System is cloud based which means software service at zero capital investment and peace of mind that your information system is not lost should the computers or laptops break down or get lost.