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Lornit.FMS – Fleet Management Software

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” – Peter Drucker, Management Guru

When it comes to fleet management, there are a number of things that organisations need to keep track of. From the operating costs associated with each vehicle to how often individual cars are used and the environmental performance of your fleet, it can be easy to get bogged down or fall behind if you are managing your fleet manually.

This is where customised software from Lornit can take the hassle out of fleet management. Our dedicated fleet management software can give you instant access to the details you need to make informed decisions about your fleet – cutting costs and helping you work as efficiently as possible.

We can help you reduce costs.

Whether you are keen to manage your overall operating costs more effectively, keep tighter tabs on your fleet expenditure, reduce your carbon footprint or monitor the fuel efficiency of your fleet and your drivers, Lornit’s FMS can get you the information you need instantly.

With the capability to store a vast amount of knowledge; geographical positions, journey information, fuel and vehicle expenses, mileage, driver behavior readings, we provide you with all the real-time information you need to manage your fleet effectively.

When it comes to fuel efficiency, Lornit.FMS can help you track and monitor your fuel consumption in a variety of ways. Our system can identify excess fuel consumption, fuel theft, over-charging or excess filling, so that action can be taken if necessary.

Lornit.FMS, calculates the specific costs associated with running each vehicle in your fleet, right down to the euros you spend every month and the cents per kilometre. It also keeps track of your ongoing costs such as; registration, fuel use, servicing and maintenance, as well as the price of your vehicle and its estimated resale value at the end of your ownership period. With this knowledge you can evaluate which of your vehicles are most efficient and identify areas where further cost improvements can be made.

Why Lornit?

Lornit is a leading provider of fleet management solutions, Lornit’s unique software service allows you to manage your company vehicles efficiently and in a cost effective manner. Best of all, our customisable solutions can be modified to meet any specific requirements you may have. Contact Lornit today and find out how our fleet management program can support your organisation.

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