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Lornit.BI (Business Intelligence)

  • AccessibilityOur solutions are web-enabled and multiplatform to make sure you can use your tools wherever you are.
  • Accessibility - WorldwideReportingOur reporting tools and custom dashboards give you hands on facilities, put you in charge of your effort, your business, your future.
  • ValueWe deliver benefit and we do this by giving you tried and tested solutions at a fraction of the cost. Because we can.

Lornit.BI is a unique Management Information System platform that we use to deliver rapid, tailor made solutions to our customers. BI stands for Business Intelligence which is what a Management Information System is all about.

Lornit.BI – Benefits

Ready-Made product

Lornit.BI enables us to give a working solution to our customers within hours. The product facilitates and supports such rapid deliveries due to the extensive experience and business know-how that is built into the product. When we give you Lornit.BI we give you over 30 years worth of research and development even before we start configuring your specific business requirements. It’s not just a product. It’s a fully comprehensive solution.


Lornit.BI is configured with your business requirements and that’s it. The rest of the research and development is already there. We configure your data warehouse, your user interfaces, your other interfacing needs, set up the; users on the system, document management, spatial data, accounts, notifications, workflow and a lot more within hours. We even migrate the data for you as part of this setup process, so that you can start using and benefiting from your investment as early as possible.


Lornit.BI was designed with standards in mind. We understand a unified approach to software applications generates best return on investment (ROI). Lornit.BI enables us to deliver solutions that are standard throughout. All functionality will have the same look and feel, ensuring lowest learning curves and the highest and fastest adoption rates among employees.

Cloud ready

Lornit.BI doesn’t even require special servers or hardware to function. It is hosted in the cloud and all your requirements are met with just a normal computer or laptop that is connected to the internet. No need for backups, security, maintenence, monitoring and all that. Someone else does that for you at a a cost that will be way below what you it will cost you if you had to do it yourself.

Paperless Office

Lornit.BI was designed as a complete and integrated solution that aims to reduce the paper requirement. Scanned documents, photos, faxes and other paper based material can be managed completely within the system. Authenticated Users can tie such documents to the related records and then such documents are available and accessible from and internet enabled device.

Constant Upgrades

We constantly upgrade our platform and deliver such upgrades to all our customers in a seamless way. We do all the hard work while you enjoy the benefits immediately and effortlessly.

What is Lornit.BI?

Lornit.BI is a suite of applications developed by Lornit over a number of years. It brings the functionality that the large corporations use to the small and medium businessed. Lornit.BI is written in C#.Net and can run on different database platforms based on the customer needs. The application includes an administrative tools that helps us create the specific customer requirements in a very short period of time, typically less than 1% of the normal development time expected for the same functionality.


We’re currently developing version 12 of the solution.

Lornit.BI – Management Information Systems

Lornit.BI contains the functionality that is typically found in various stand-alone solutions on offer by other vendors. Lornit.BI integrates all the functionality into a single application. A single comprehensive solution that brings intelligence into a business.

Lornit.BI – Functionality

The comprehensive Management Information System is based on a number of modules that combine and integrate together to make one solution.

Lornit.BI – Extras

This solution delivers the basics right away but every business requires customisations and specific development to adapt the solution to the business. We normally do these type of customisations: