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Document Control System


Repository of documents that uses a central file system and an information system that manages the documents within an organisation. This module is designed to work as a standalone or to complement other information systems.

Authenticated users are allowed to upload a new document, and add a document title to it and search tags so that it can be found easier later on. The system assigns a unique reference and a version number to that document automatically. The document creator can assign access rights to the document to allow or restrict other users from viewing or editing the document, according to the user roles.

Authenticated users can then search for the document and if they have access privileges to it, they can download a copy. If the user has rights the system will allow the user to upload a new version of the document. This new version will not alter the previous version in any way but will be assigned a new version number. Both versions of the document will be available for download as the system lists all versions but identifies the versions according to their version number.

No document or version is removed or overwritten. All the documents uploaded are stored as read-only on the system and can be traced or recovered.

Any number of users be given access to the document control system and user roles can be configured to meet the access rights requirements of the organisation. The system keeps an audit trail of all user interactions with the system.

The document control system is cloud based which means that it can be configured to work over internet or intranet according to the requirements of the organisation.

The document control system is currently available as a windows application and as a web based application that ensures different platforms are supported.

The systems supports any file format as it only manages the availability and the storage of the documents irrespective of the actual content. However it is to be ensured that standards have to be configured specifically to the organisation such that the different users can work together and be able to make use of the documents stored.

The documents can be searched for via document name or part of it, document tag, document author and other fields as required. Every organisation has different indexing and searching requirements and such requirements can be configured.

Integration and Customisation

The document control system is designed with customisation in mind. It can be installed and configured to the exact requirements of the organisation. The system also integrates tightly with all our other software products.