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Integration to reduce the costs of doing business

It is safe to say that most businesses and organisations today are using one or more software packages in their daily operations. And it is also safe to say that most businesses do not yet realise the benefits of having integrated software in their organisation. Here are some of the reduction in costs of the management of data and the management of business processes.

Data Entry and Data Management costs.

Data Entry

Integrated systems lower the data entry costs and increase the realtimeliness of data. When data is entered into one application, it can be immidiately available to another application through integration. A typical example from is when a new customer shows up at the bank: if the bank’s systems are integrated, the customer’s details can be entered and verified once and then they can be re-utilised on every contract or loan that the same customer needs, rather then having to enter, verify and sign the same details over and over again, lengthening the process ten-fold.

Real Time Data

Realtimeliness is also a considerable benefit that is derived from a properly integrated system. As soon as data is entered or checked in one department, it is available to all other departments, which in many cases results in streamlined business processes, lower costs and happier customers.

“One Touch”

Redundant data is a disadvantage of seperate systems. Let’s consider an invoicing system that is seperate from an accounting system. One would have to keep a copy of the customer information in each of the systems, editing and updating both on every change. Properly integrated systems will keep a single repository of customer information to supply all software functions; point of sale, accounts, customer care, billing, and so on. “One touch” is a footy term that can be easily applied to data management. Data should be managed with “one touch” mentality. Each time data is updated that update should be verified at source and then used throughout for maximum efficiency and lowest cost.

Business Processes and related costs.

Tuning Business Processes

Business processes normaly involve additional cost to every sale. Improving the efficiency of the business processes means lowering costs and delivering better value. Most businesses are currently tied to the functionality provided to them by the various software packages that they own with regards to business processes. Proper integration of software applications empower such businesses with the ability to orchestrate the various software and business process together.


Integration also lowers the cost of changing the software tools to adapt to new business processes as required from time to time in order to improve the efficiency of the various sections of the business.

This list is by no means an exhaustive list of cost management that can be obtained through properly integrated software, but it is enough to indicate such potential. At Lornit we design software with integration in mind. Our software platform delivers a number of software applications or sets of functionality that are fully integrated by design. Our platform enables us to deliver updates and changes rapidly to meet our client’s requirements in terms of business process re-engineering to ensure our clients enjoy competitive advantage.

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