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A Few Words About Us

IT ProfessionalsWe’re a small young Team of IT specialists coming from the commercial sector. In our employment we had the opportunity to develop a number of successful IT solutions in Malta, some of which where successfully deployed in other countries as well. We also gained loads of experience in providing Management Solutions to government and other large sized commercial entities and now aim to make these Management Information Systems accessible to small and medium businesses and organisations.

Lornit – the company

IT Solution Providers at heart is a provider of innovative IT solutions and IT products designed to deliver quality and efficiency at a competitive price and rapid delivery times. In simple words, we achieve better solutions at competitive prices through creative use of information technology and proprietry applications that enable us to deliver quickly every time.

Our Approach

Understand, generate ideas, design, implement and maintain
To develop high quality solutions we devote most of our energy to understanding the customer, his business needs and the business enviroment. Having gained the necessary understanding we generate the ideas and propose possibilities to the customer. Most of the time our proposals include solutions that we can source ourselves, develop ourselves rapidly, or outsource parts such solution from a more specialised provider ensuring best prices for the customer and most importantly best business value. We then design and implement the strategies and solutions agreed upon with the customer through rapid iterative development, maintenance and feedback mechanisms.

What We Offer – Solutions

Business Solutions

Lornit is focused on the design, implementation and support of internet, intranet and mobile applications for customers in the small and medium business sectors. We specialise in rapid and effective solution development that utilises proprietry software to handle front-end and back-office tools.

Information Management Solutions

Software as a Service (Cloud Computing)

Information Systems

We develop applications to customer needs based on special proprietry tools that we designed inhouse to be able to give you the best value for your investment. We aim to deliver the same tools enjoyed by large enterprises at the prices that small businesses can afford.

What we offer – Services

Business Services

We provide IT Support Services to small and medium sized businesses:

Consultation Session – Complementary

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