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Keep it simple!

A key strategy in every solution we aim to provide is the “Keep it Simple” (many know it as KISS, the last S standing for Stupid – be we actively omitt the “stupid” part).

Like every other services company we’re tempted, pushed, asked, begged, requested, … to include all sorts of features in our solutions. We actively fail to entertain most. Why? …because most don’t make business sense. Extra features can give us quick hits with our customers, and our customer’s employees, but unless the features add true value to the business, they will just be a nuisance all the way. Each additional feature adds little or more of the following: cost, time, potential for bugs, complexity, maintenence cost, training cost, support cost etc. When you add all the extra features that a typical customer’s employee would like, you end up with a product that is extra costly, but with little value to justify the extra cost.

We help our customers to prioritise the features according to what generates most value in the shortest time possible. We then plan to provide the high priority features first and deliver them as quickly as possible. The other features are delivered in time or not at all with maximum benefit for the customer in terms of return on investment value.

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