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What is your IT worth?

Pile of CashMost organisations will quickly list their expenses, initial and recurring to come up with a value, but it is not necessarily so. You can have thousands of euros invested in computers, hardware, training and support and yet it could be adding nothing to your bottom line. Consider as an example an expensive IT system that no one likes to use, prefering the old paper-based one instead. I doubt any accountant would give so much value to that.

On the other hand you could have a system that on paper is worth one thing but in reality it is worth much more! For example you could have a system that helps you organise your data better than the previous one and over and above that it also provides you with more insight in the form of management tools on which your key posts within your organisation would be taking better day to day decisions and therefore deliver an even more positive effect on your bottom line.

If you were heading such an organisation, which one would you choose? brainer really!

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