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We Believe

The struggle towards taking control of our lives has undoubtedly been a dominant theme in the past couple of centuries. Huge amounts of efforts and sacrifice have been devoted towards giving the individual control over his life, his family, his society, his job, his environment and any thing else that effects one’s life. And in many ways this struggle is still an on-going theme today. We believe we form part of that revolution that aims to empower the individual with the ability to take charge. We believe that whenever the individual is in control and the right incentives are in place, the individual will meet and exceed his targets, will find better ways of doing things and most importantly will generate more value to the task at hand.

We happen to be specialised in Information Technology (IT) and so our way of empowering people revolves around delivery of IT Solutions. At Lornit we create solutions that:

  • A.
    Empower Individuals

    within organisations with more control over their area of work through intelligent software applications. We empower the individuals to change our software and to improve on our software. We give the end-user control.

  • B.
    Empower Organisations

    to move forward. We support organisations in their struggle to better themselves, not necessarily in terms of profit. You are not our first customer! We provide solutions that have been created inhouse to meet requirements like yours and all are customisable to your needs. You design the tools you need and we create them for you. Quickly.

  • C.
    Are Comprehensive

    and hassle free because we understand that organisations and individuals have plenty to do already. Our solutions are centrally managed and easy to distribute to different roles within your organisation, over different platforms, including mobile technology, because we understand tomorrows’ requirements too.


We develop IT Solutions by tailoring hardware, software and human resources to each and every customer’s needs. Since the software component is usually the most time consuming and the most difficult part to tailor we have built specialised proprietry tools that we designed inhouse to be able to give you the best value for any IT investment our clients undertake. We aim to deliver the same tools enjoyed by large enterprises at the prices that small businesses can afford.

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