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Research and Development

R&D is a core function of our company. We’re in the information technology industry which is an industry that changes quickly. Every year new hardware comes to the market, new concepts and new way of doing things as discovered. Expectations are also changing; customers are moving: from the networked computer to the mobile device, from paper-based to digital, from process oriented to person oriented and so on. What customers expected on an application or web browser, they are now expecting on the smart phone. To be in a position to offer technology to our customers, we really have no option but to be on the forefront of innovation through research and development. At Lornit we dedicate a substantial part of our time to create new technology. We believe in being able to offer the right technology to our customers, even if that means that we out date our own technology.

Research and Development is all about a lot of testing and researching, selecting the right options and developing them to be part of your products or services. At Lornit we research a wide range of concepts and products but less then 25% of the concepts and products we research make it to development stage. Because not all that is new makes sense. We do however pick up those ideas, techniques or hardware that we consider beneficial and applicable and develop them to be part of our products. At the moment we have quite a long queue of upcoming development, that has already passed research stage and is just about to be deployed. These include:

Other concepts that are being researched and will possibly make it to development stage are in the following areas:
Products that will benefit from upcoming technology:

We need you

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