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Innovation Policy

At Lornit we understand that we have to be on the forefront of technology to be able to offer the best solutions and the best service to our customers. This means that we have to:-

Monitoring Advances in Technology

We seek to passively monitor advances in technology through subscriptions to online resources such as, and news websites. We also foster the sharing of articles and ideas related to the work we do between workers to encourage collective thought and collective creation and adoption of new ideas that we read about. When ideas merit further research we undertake to either schedule the research internally or ask someone to research the idea further. Filtering out less useful ideas quickly is an important result of this internal research.

Research and Development

Ideas and concepts that we classify as having potential move on to R&D level on our task list. This means that we actively seek opportunities to further research and develop a prototype. At this stage we look for scenarios that justify the research business wise. The justification is normally a business proposal that we want to give to a potential customer, a requirement of a system that we are contracted to deliver to a customer, a business opportunity that we decide to undertake as a company or at procurement stage should the idea be deemed as a viable replacement of products or services that have to be procured. Once the opportunity of development is identified, the research and development is scheduled and the concept is prototypes and tested through various means.

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Innovative Procurement

At Lornit, we monitor our procurement process as part of our effort to identify opportunities for innovation. In the process of identifying products and services that we require to in turn service our customers we look into whether there are possibilities of:

Innovation through talent

We’re constantly on the lookout for new talent. People bring in new ideas, experiences and perspective that we need to be able to innovate and improve from time to time.

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Raising the Bar

As we discover new ways of doing things, we automatically set new standards for our products. Each and every innovative step that we take as a company has to be reflected in our products. This is one of the main strength of our company and our products.

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